What is home tech support anyway?


Most of our homes and devices are smarter than we are. Our TVs know when we fall asleep, our thermostats know when we leave the house and our refrigerators know when we’re out of milk. Super smart stuff. But what happens when our home technology is on the fritz? Who can we call for trustworthy assistance? Someone who isn’t motivated to sell us ANOTHER piece of technology?

HomeConnex is the world’s first family focused home technology support company – it was created to help people understand and use the technology they have already purchased. HomeConnex does not manufacture or sell any hardware or software – it is totally independent.  HomeConnex tech support specialists (or Gurus) are experts in everything from PCs and Macs to printers and sound systems. They are highly trained to answer questions and fix problems. They are not motivated to sell additional products.

So, when your printer stops working, maybe you DON’T need to buy a new printer. Maybe you just need a bit of help to get what you already own working again. Sound good? That’s what home tech support is. An on-call IT staff just for you and your family.

When your home technology starts giving you a headache remember, HomeConnex is here to help.

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About Ebony

Ebony is the co-founder of HomeConnex. For 7 years she managed public relations and strategic communications campaigns in South East Asia and South America. Now, she spends time with her husband and two beautiful children and helps families improve their quality of life through technology.


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