Make your back-office run like you have a team of employees.

Wirelessly connect every device,
protect your home office from computer crashes

and access and share your files

 from anywhere in the world.



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A powerful IT team for your Home Office

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    Optimize your network for safety, speed and control

    Get your home network under your complete control. Upload/download speed, proper secure wireless connections, wireless printer setup, computer networking and more!

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    Establish your personal cloud system to sync and share files like a pro


    Ever need to keep certain files accessible from all your devices? What about sharing files with clients or partners? Now you can.

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    Get peace of mind with nightly backups and safe file storage


    Protect your business's most critical asset, data. Let our Guru's schedule regular wireless backups so you can rest easy knowing your home office is protected from the worst crash.

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    Securely access your office computers from anywhere using your smartphone


    Connect remotely and securely to your home office network and do business on the go like a pro! In today's world - anchoring yourself to the office is a thing of the past. Get mobile!

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    View computers on your home office network from your smartphone


    Ever need to see what's on the desktop of your office computers but you're on the go or in a different room? Ever need to close or save a doc but it's open somewhere else? Use your smartphone to remote in, problem solved.

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    Designate a central file sharing location and access it from anywhere


    Now that you're keeping all of your files in a central location for backup and remote access, it's the perfect time to setup network file sharing. Feel free to work wirelessly from your den, kitchen or deck.

U.S. Small business owners who indicated that a crashed computer is more disruptive than a sick employee

When the computers are down, employees can't work.

Small business owners that noted tech malfunctions have negatively impacted their business

through a missed deadline or business opportunity.

U.S. Small businesses fall victim to cybercrime each year

U.S. small businesses that go out of business within six months of a cyber attack 

• Connect wirelessly and remotely

• Regularly scheduled security backups

• File sharing and personal cloud computing

• One-time visit

• Covers up to 7 computers and devices

• No subscription fees

What is OfficeConnect?


OfficeConnect is HomeConnex' unique mix of services that protect your information from computer crashes, wirelessly connect all of your devices, and allow for file sharing and cloud computing. OfficeConnect will make your home-office operate like you have a professional IT staff. Whether you are tele-commuting, operating an independent business, or creating a dedicated home office space - we can help! One of our highly trained Gurus will visit your home and carefully set you up for success! 

 HomeConnex, the world's first family-focused home technology assistance company, created OfficeConnect to empower and equip individuals and families with the ability to conduct business from home-base.


HomeConnex Gurus are well-trained, family-friendly technology specialists that will ensure that your home-tech issue is handled properly, the first time. Whether it's setting up a child monitoring system, creating remote business access or some other technology need, our Gurus are committed to troubleshooting and support to make you feel completely at-ease about the prospect of something new, useful and exciting enhancing your family's life!


Use coupon code: OCEARLYBIRD and 
save $100 off the standard price!