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If I’m going to battle home technology and the internet I’m going to need reinforcements. All parents come to this conclusion at some point. When the ‘smart’ thermometer decides you’re ‘away’ and turns the air conditioning off on a Saturday afternoon. When the fancy remote won’t talk to your flatscreen and your toddlers are screaming for Baby Einstein. Or maybe when you’re just trying to print a few coupons before you hit the grocery store and your wireless printer is not cooperating. I get it – I’ve been there.

When your toilet breaks you call a plumber, when the lights go out you call an electrician. But who do you call when the items you paid for decide to stage a full on revolution in your living room? HomeConnex. HomeConnex has an army of techie experts who will come to your house whenever you want and just fix stuff. They are called Gurus and they are amazing.

I paid for one hour of Guru time. They came to my house on a day and time I selected and fixed everything. My wireless printer is working and my smart TV is fully connected to Netflix and Hulu. The Guru even helped me (finally) understand my smart thermostat. After doing all of this I still had fifteen minutes on the clock so he asked me if there was anything else I needed help with. Uhhhh…YES.

He wirelessly connected my hard drive to my laptop and my son’s computer. Then he installed free (FREE) software to ensure all of our files would be backed up on a regular basis without our having to remember to do it. Take that computer crashes!

Home technology is cool, when its working. But when it doesn’t I know who to call.

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