My home office is working! Thanks to HomeConnex Gurus


I’ve owned a medical consulting business for over 6 years. While I love the flexibility of working from home and setting my own schedule – I definitely miss the luxury of calling a help desk specialist from the IT department whenever my phone, laptop, or email account stopped working properly. As a small business owner, I worry that a missed email or appointment will cost me opportunities, or worse, that a technical mishap will damage my credibility. I mean, if I can’t even receive an email from a client, share access to a folder, or print a document – what does that say about my business?

As any resourceful businesses owner would do – I’ve incorporated numerous workarounds to hide the fact that my home office isn’t always up to par. That’s what Kinkos is for right? But I found myself getting increasingly irritated when the fancy equipment I had paid good money for wasn’t working for me. That’s when I discovered HomeConnex.

I called HomeConnex and they let me choose an appointment date. HomeConnex sent a highly trained tech support specialist (they call them Gurus) to my home. She networked my wireless printer, removed the viruses and spyware from my laptop, and taught me how to sync my smart phone’s calendar with my laptop to avoid missed deadlines and appointments. In less than one hour she provided excellent home office tech support and completely solved all of my home office problems. She even showed me how to regularly back up my data on to an external hard drive – in case my laptop ever crashes (again).

With HomeConnex I have exactly what my larger competitors have – my own IT department to call on whenever I need it.


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