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What’s a workaround?

A workaround is a time consuming business process contortion that you perform when you have a problem and don’t have the time or knowledge to permanently fix it.

In the personal world they’re called band-aids, in the business world they’re called workarounds. Your workaround is that “just for now” fix that you swear you’ll get to one day but never actually seem to.

Don’t feel bad – everybody does it; working on the older computer because the newer one isn’t networked to the printer, emailing large documents to clients because you don’t know how to share files properly, or maybe it’s burning files to a CD because you don’t have a real backup strategy… These workarounds cut down your productivity and waste valuable time and money.

So why don’t you stop? Why not take the time to properly fix what’s wrong…? Because there’s ALWAYS something more important that requires your attention (like talking to clients and making money)! I get it, it’s a VERY common problem.

To move forward, you have to break old habits. Try these three steps to fix your workarounds for good:

  1. Acknowledge that ignoring a workaround is costly. Whether it’s time, effort or money (or all three) it’s costing you. You’re not operating at your best.
  2. Stop and identify exactly where your workarounds are. Be honest, it’s for your own good. Then, make note of each one and make a commitment to fix them, permanently.
  3. Schedule each workaround ‘fix’ item on your “to do” list. You can’t do them all at once but you can systematically squash them one at a time. You probably didn’t get into this situation overnight so it’ll take some time to get out of it.

You’ll hate taking the time to do this but you’ll be happy when it’s done!

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