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Remember gathering around the kitchen table to play SORRY or Monopoly with your parents and siblings? Family Night was a special time when my parents gave us all of their attention without mentioning school performance, clean rooms or household chores. It was our family’s way of bonding through (affordable) relaxation and fun – and I LOVED it.

Sadly, Family Night is in danger of becoming extinct. Kids have way too many after school activities and hours of homework. Parents are working longer hours and driving longer commutes. Additionally, today’s kids have a fascination with screens and the internet that make board games a hard sell. Quality family time is losing out.

Below we’ve shared two tech savvy and FREE Family Night ideas that will keep your kids interested and engaged. These ideas will strengthen family bonds, build treasured memories and even improve your family’s computer skills. Enjoy!!

1. Create a Family Newsletter – Make a funny and artistic newsletter with your kids. This is their chance to report on what’s really important to them. An added bonus – your kids can learn (or show off!) graphic design and software skills. FREE open source software like WordPress, Portable Scribus, and MailStyler can help you create professional newsletters. And for those times when everyone can’t be in the same room, create a family cloud to allow you to share files and continue the compilation process.

2. Family Movie Night 2.0 – Edit family photos and videos together to create an original family movie. The entire family can share videos and photos in a shared photo album and edit the project using free open source software like Avidemux or Windows Movie Maker. After the video or slideshow is created, enjoy it on your home television using media organizers like Plex. The great part about this project is that even when kids leave for college the entire family can continue creating collaborative projects using your family cloud!

How is your family keeping family night alive? If you use one of these suggestions please let us know how it works out. Share your ideas and comments below!

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