Need a handy man for home technology? – Call HomeConnex


If I’m going to battle home technology and the internet I’m going to need reinforcements. All parents come to this conclusion at some point. When the ‘smart’ thermometer decides you’re ‘away’ and turns the air conditioning off on a Saturday afternoon. When the fancy remote won’t talk to your flatscreen and your toddlers are screaming… Continue reading


Controlling screen time for kids – why it’s important


Too much screen time for kids can result in disrupted sleep patterns, reduced self esteem, emotional problems and poor family functioning. Additionally, the time taken away from physical activities can lead to obesity (American Academy of Pediatrics). Whether or not you’re convinced that too much screen time or ‘Internet Use Disorder’ is an actual mental… Continue reading


Family night ideas from HomeConnex


Remember gathering around the kitchen table to play SORRY or Monopoly with your parents and siblings? Family Night was a special time when my parents gave us all of their attention without mentioning school performance, clean rooms or household chores. It was our family’s way of bonding through (affordable) relaxation and fun – and I… Continue reading


Gaming websites – today’s covert toy commercials


Remember Saturday morning cartoons? You know they were created so that toy companies would have captive audiences for their product commercials, right? It’s true. So now that our kids are dividing their screen time between TV and the internet, toy companies have once again created content for their target market; our kids. Only now, instead… Continue reading


Why you should monitor children’s Internet use


The internet is changing the world; the way we learn, shop for groceries, keep in touch with loved ones and even the way we parent. A home computer with broadband internet access can be an amazing tool and benefit everyone in the home – allowing us to learn more, save time, and stay organized. However, it… Continue reading