My home office is working! Thanks to HomeConnex Gurus


I’ve owned a medical consulting business for over 6 years. While I love the flexibility of working from home and setting my own schedule – I definitely miss the luxury of calling a help desk specialist from the IT department whenever my phone, laptop, or email account stopped working properly. As a small business owner,… Continue reading


Starting a new business? Don’t bother with a business plan.


Yep, you read that title correctly. EVERYBODY knows that new businesses MUST write a business plan right? You HAVE to write a plan or else you won’t know where you’re going right! Who will respect you? How will you communicate to investors? How will you live? OMG what will you do?!? Although that rant was… Continue reading


Need a handy man for home technology? – Call HomeConnex


If I’m going to battle home technology and the internet I’m going to need reinforcements. All parents come to this conclusion at some point. When the ‘smart’ thermometer decides you’re ‘away’ and turns the air conditioning off on a Saturday afternoon. When the fancy remote won’t talk to your flatscreen and your toddlers are screaming… Continue reading


Good businesses operate smoothly. Fix all of your workarounds NOW!


What’s a workaround? A workaround is a time consuming business process contortion that you perform when you have a problem and don’t have the time or knowledge to permanently fix it. In the personal world they’re called band-aids, in the business world they’re called workarounds. Your workaround is that “just for now” fix that you swear… Continue reading


Home based business? How mobile are you?


More and more people are becoming business owners these days and whether it’s a full time gig or just to make a little extra money on the side one thing’s for sure, the climate to operate a business has never been better. According to the SBA there are already almost 28 million small businesses in… Continue reading


Small business survival 101


Being a business owner is TOUGH. According to Bloomberg, 8 out of 10 small businesses fail in the first 18 months. Thats 80%! I’ve been a business owner for over 20 years and I’ve seen it all. An important fact that often goes unnoticed is this: as a business owner you run TWO businesses. The first business… Continue reading


Defining Your Home Office Space


More and more people are becoming home based business owners these days and whether it’s a full time gig or something to make a little extra money on the side, one thing’s for sure, the climate for operating a home based business has never been better! According to the SBA there are almost 28 million small… Continue reading


How completing a Tough Mudder is like starting a startup


Last Saturday (June 13th 2015) my wife and I completed our 2nd and 3rd Tough Mudder respectively. For those of you not certifiably crazy, Tough Mudder is a 10+ mile obstacle course that bills itself as “probably the toughest event on the planet”.  For surviving an afternoon full of mud, heat, ice, electricity, tear gas, heights and… Continue reading