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Because we believe technology doesn't have to be confusing, intimidating or expensive.

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Internet powered. Family driven.

HomeConnex is home technology support for families. We help families make the connection between the Internet and an empowered family life. Safe kids surfing, defense against home-hackers, energy savings, media sharing, home monitoring... whew! Benefits everywhere.

All about HomeConnex

Who is HomeConnex ?

HomeConnex is a family-focussed home technology assistance company borne from a single family struggling to maintain a normal life while living in different hemispheres. Dad needed a way to operate his business in the US while visiting his family abroad for weeks at a time, as well as staying connected while living state-side for the remainder of the year. Striving to be one happy family. Mom, Dad, daughter… and baby #2 on the way! Being the tech guy, Dad cleverly cobbled together various technologies to keep the business organized and the family happy, healthy and safe. Being the family man, it was only a natural extension to want to help other families enhance their lives using the some of the same tricks he learned. HomeConnex strives to be your choice for assistance with ALL technology integrated into your home, simply, cost-effectively and safely. Through our super smart "Gurus" we know everything about products, integration, troubleshooting and support to make you feel completely at-ease about the prospect of something new, useful and exciting enhancing your family's life!

What does HomeConnex do ?

HomeConnex is your family's ambassador and assistant for ALL the technology in your home; simply, cost-effectivly and safely. Through our super smart "Gurus" we can help guide your family with everything about products, installation, troubleshooting and support.  We'll help you make good decisions and make you feel completely at-ease about new concepts that can enhance your family life!

Why HomeConnex ?

Because technology can be confusing and mistakes can be costly. There are hundreds of gadget making companies who want to sell you cool new products… but will they be around in a year? Will their products play nicely with the OTHER products already in your home? Who do you call if you have a problem with products made by different companies? Yikes! Enter HomeConnex. Our HomeConnex Gurus are familiar with every home technology product on the market and they stay certified, so you don't have to. And HomeConnex doesn't work for the technology companies, we work for YOU! Our mission is to be your family's ambassador and friend for all things digital in your home. We'll help identify the products and technology that meet the needs of your family, and then we'll help you choose, install and support everything. We'll make sure everything works correctly the first time, keeping your family happy, healthy and safe.